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Announcing the Re-Launch of Gamactica Women


One of the very first sections launched as part of the Gamactica platform, aside from our Stream Directory, was Gamactica Women, which was initially intended to spotlight and help drive more visibility female streamers.

On the surface, it did a lot in the way of creating more visibility, as our internet marketing and SEO efforts proved successful in creating this targeted visibility. However, we never really developed proper momentum for the section, and the community, and it always seemed to stagnate in it’s prior form.

While addressing a number of areas within the Gamactica platform during Q4, I thought about the ways in which we could really do something different and more valuable in the space, with a new iteration of Gamactica Women.

The new launch of Gamactica Women comes with more purpose, more defined missions, and a deeper emphasis on community visibility. The internet marketing structure will remain the backbone of creating the visibility, but it is no longer confined to just women streamers, as we felt it kind of “capped” the scale of Gamactica Women.

The new vision I have for Gamactica Women is creating a directory, similar to our Content Creator Directory, but also offers a true resource hub.

Essentially, Gamactica Women will now be home to the women of our platform that work/operate in the industries of Content Creation (such as Twitch, TikTok, Patreon, Trovo, YouTube, etc), women who work in Video Games (development, publishing, social media, community leads, design), women who work in the esports sector (management, organizational, players, leads), Women Stream Teams and Orgs, and lastly, women who work as well as brands whose core missions are rooted in advocacy and initiatives working for women in the industry.

Gamactica Women strives to improve the representation, respect, and resources for all women within the industry and help highlight and market educational and social programs that advocate for women in the industry.

Including advocacy efforts and initiatives allows for us to build on our resource side of things – connecting people with groups and brands who work in areas of creating opportunities for women in the industry, advocating for positive change for women in the industry, or non-profits that work towards improving the industry landscape to create a better space for women.

I personally feel it is important to not only create more visibility for women in gaming, women in esports, women in gaming journalism, and female content creators (including social media influencers), but to also allow them to better connect and network with one another, as well as groups that support and advocate for their work. This improved connectivity helps promote more positive networking, and creates more collaborative opportunities for women in the industry.

Naturally, while we at Gamactica are working behind the scenes with marketing and building this re-vamped version of Gamactica Women, we will be assembling a team of admins and moderators who share our vision, and can help us ensure the group is doing what is intended to do, as well as keeping our community group (specifically for Gamactica Women) active, and utilizing the best practices.

If you’re interested in reading more, and perhaps applying to be a part of Gamactica Women, please visit here.

Prior to applying, please make sure that you are already a member of the Gamactica platform, and if you’re a content creator/streamer, make sure that you are already listed in our Stream Directory.

I look forward to what the future holds, and developing a positive impact for women in the industry.


Anthony DiMoro
Founder/CEO Gamactica

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