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Gamactica Rolls Out New Section Dedicated to ASMR Content


Our 4th announcement this week has to do with creating a new section specifically for a content category that has been one of the more mainstream popular over the past few years, ASMR streams.

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and has risen to big heights on Twitch and even YouTube. What started as a whisper video back on YouTube in 2009 has now blossomed into a widely-accepted and immensely popular medium, even spawning it’s own term for ASMR content creators, known as ASMRtists.

With the popularity and impact of the Stream Directory, we felt it was time to started creating sections specific for certain content, content that doesn’t always fall into the gaming sector of live streaming, or content creation.

The Gamactica ASMR Directory will come packed with the same SEO benefits and visibility/impact as our other directories, but specifically tailored for the ASMR streamers and content creators who make this their primary form of content.

Being listed in our ASMR Directory is free for members of our platform. We aim to build the most comprehensive and innovate curation of ASMR content and creators in the industry.

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