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Creating Twitch Channel Points

A great way to encourage your viewers to participate in your streams is to utilize your channel points feature on your channels. Channel points are a great tool in encouraging more engagement when it comes to viewing your stream and chatting with you. Channel points are available on Twitch for both affiliates and partners, as a streamer you have full control and can enable or disable channel points at your own discretion. There are various different ways for your supporters to earn these points. To learn more about channel points and how to set them up or customize them, read the official Twitch Channel Points Guide.

You can set the channel points to whatever number you wish, you can give your viewers channel points, use them in stream-extensions/mini games, and fully customize them along with their image. You can even change the name of the channel points to fit your brand. Do some research on other games that catch your interest that offer something called Twitch Integration. This can be found mainly for PC gaming and allows your viewers to participate in your gameplay by spawning in supplies, enemies, and other relevant items to the game you are playing. Various games offer this type of integration and some are more popular than others. It all depends upon you and your own community’s gaming interests. To spawn things in, change up your gameplay screen, among other features, simply type the designated commands in the chat. Typically, different commands cost different amounts of points. You can also take advantage of the settings, add cooldown rates and customize the amount of points available. Find games based upon your own interests that offer Twitch Integration.

Channel Point Ideas

Here are some examples of channel point ideas that your viewers can redeem:

• Changing your game

• Bringing your pet on stream

• Giving your pet a treat

• Naming an in-game item on the viewer who redeemed it

• Adding the viewer to your host list

• Adding your viewer to your VIP list

• Guiding the raid

• Gifting someone a Tier 1 sub to your channel

• Adding the viewer’s live stream notifications to your own Discord server (Commonly utilized when using a bot if using a premium account on Mee6)

When you are utilizing any of these ideas, be sure to set appropriate cool down rates, limit redemptions as you see fit, and set appropriate channel point prices. The better the offer, the higher the point price. For offers including raids, such as the common Guide The Raid channel point, be sure to tick the box that says to require viewers to type upon redeeming. For example, they will need to type out the name of the channel they wish to have you raid and won’t be able to redeem that offer with their points if they don’t type their handle in the designated area provided first. Be sure these are appropriate for the Terms of Service. Be sure to customize your channel points as you see fit, and express any changes to your community.

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