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The Importance Of Visual Advertising

What is advertising? Generally, advertising is defined by promoting something of value while marketing your product or service to a targeted demographic audience. Advertising is a conduit to provide a clear message to your audience explaining exactly what you do and want to achieve, while focusing on what will appeal to those of interest.

It’s common for content creators of any medium to post links on various platforms in which they post visual content on. Although links are useful to connect others directly to your product or service, many will desire to receive a summary of your product or service before directly clicking a redirected link placed on the internet by a stranger. A popular term used for this variation of spam is referred to as link dropping. This is commonly consumed online as a type of virtual spam.

With streaming, links can arguably be portrayed as valuable and important, but should never be the main focus of any post advertising a content creator who’s about to be live broadcasting themselves or their gameplay.

Visual advertising instantly increases the interest of others and increases your chances of funneling a wider variety of viewers within your social media including live broadcasts, events, pages and websites, but why?

According to Forbesin a study that took place in 2019, 91% of the general population of people online and those with a specified presence on social media prefer visual content over narrative content. The interest and desire to read posts such as advertisements with visual images are automatically increased by 80%. Without visuals, your core demographics generally remain only 20% interested in reading posts without visuals.

Through the use of successful visual advertising, you will be able to impact the enthusiasm of a direct consumer to the degree that they will pass your advertisement onto indirect consumers. The success of direct advertising is dependent on the message from the creator, being relayed to the targeted audience seamlessly and without confusion or bias.

A desired outcome is more reachable with the proper digital infrastructure and marketing techniques. Some benefits of successful visual advertising may include brand awareness, such as showcasing your content and the message behind the brand. Lead generation for accumulating potential long term supporters or potential sponsors. Event registration for events showcased within a live broadcast, gaming competitions and other types of tournaments. Community expansion with increased engagement, to help widen your audience and those you interact with on various social platforms.

Instead of link spam on designated social platforms, try creating a visual advertisement to help get your point across while organically capturing more attention in the process. Be sure to include a photograph of you or something that represents your brand, and write a bit about yourself, product or service. In this case, write what game or category your audience can expect during your next live broadcast on your designated platform, and always include the date and your time zone. Be cautious to never distribute copyrighted images without prior consent. If you must post a link, it would be better to include it in a comment.

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