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Gamactica Announces Launch


With 2022 underway, we wanted to announce a brand new section to Gamactica that is in-line with how the industry is evolving.

Launch is a section with the sole mission of optimizing professional and business networking for more beneficial and prosperous connections. It is an extension of our soon to be launched Orbit marketplace, and intended to help Content Creators, Gamers, Esports Teams and Brands, and others to connect and do business more efficiently with Talent Management Agencies, Investment Firms operating within the industry space, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies, NFT companies, Data & Research brands, facilitating Partnership opportunities, and Stocks related specifically with Video Games, Esports, and Content Creation.

Each listing will come powered with our signature, award-winning Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits to improve targeted visibility, and discoverability, while adding brand value. These benefits will reflect what we offer, on a higher level, with our Marketing Services. providing businesses and brands a FREE resource to gain viable internet marketing and SEO benefits, while also allowing them the option for affordable services if/when they need them.

As our platform evolves, we not only want to lean into the industry trends and business evolution, but also optimize the connectivity between creators, gamers, brands, and businesses who operate within, or have interest in these spaces.

Gamactica has become a leader in Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing for these industries, and our goal is to have a platform that provides these benefits, specifically tailored for these niches, at free and affordable offerings alike.

To further elaborate on some of these areas within Launch:

  • Talent Management Agencies: we want to work with Agencies that manage talent in the Esports, Content Creation, and Streaming space to empower their talent, and company, with award-winning internet marketing that is truly game-changing. We also want to make it easier for Creators, Gamers, and Esports entities to connect more easily with these companies to further their initiatives.
  • Investment Firms: we aim to highlight and increase visibility for the Angel and Venture Capital firms that have interests in Gaming, Esports, and Content Creation, while providing better access for Teams, Orgs, and Creators to connect with these firms for pitches, networking, and funding opportunities. Discoverability and Targeted networking is a challenge in this space, one we want to take on.
  • Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and NFTs: the boom of these markets makes it that much more important to create connections to educational resources and brands that can help facilitate business opportunities in these spaces.
  • Data & Research: we aim to make it easier to connect with, and follow, the brands that do extensive research and develop reports within the gaming, esports, and content creation industries.
  • Stocks: highlighting and creating targeted pathways to connect with industry specific Stocks.
  • Partnership Opportunities: making it easier for creators and brands to connect with, and facilitate, partnership opportunities with brands and businesses.


To visit Launch and fill out an application – Click Here


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