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INTERVIEW: Anum Aamer, Marketing Manager at Trovo

anum aamer

In continuing Gamactica’s mission to amplify the work and voices of women within the gaming, esports, and content creation industries, I had a chance to speak with Trovo Marketing Manager Anum Aamer, who is also a member of our platform, and listed in our Gamactica Women section.

Aamer has been an integral part of Trovo’s community and marketing sides, and is making her mark in what has been a male dominated industry, and her work with the platform, and Trovo streamers, is more important than ever for the Tencent backed brand.

Back in December 2021, it was reported that Tencent was set to invest $100 million into creator programs, making the platform’s Trovo 500 Program the first public open partnership program that seeks to create a fair and monetizable system. At the time of the announcement, Trovo stated their belief that the implementation of the new tier system would cultivate a better competitive system as “the competition level will be limited to creators in the same region.”

Aamer is a part of the team that is moving the platform forward in 2022, amid the newly integrated system.

“Currently I am a Marketing Manager at Trovo and primarily focus on social media and community” she said in an exclusive interview with Gamactica Portals. “I love working on the content creation space and being able to connect with creators and develop fun content together. It’s also great to see the work we put in have a direct impact on the platform and being able to be apart of Trovo since the beginning and helping it grow to what it is today. ”

Aamer’s career didn’t start at Trovo, in fact she came to Trovo already versed in the gaming industry.

“My first foray into the gaming industry was through my previous company” she explains. “I was a Creator Partnerships & Content Manager at a popular social media platform. It was my job to find talent for certain categories such as beauty, dance etc. to create the category specific content. With esports and gaming becoming much more mainstream we started to search for gaming content creators and worked with them to grow their accounts on the platform and that’s how my journey in the industry started.”

Aamer also understand the challenges that many women face within these industries, and wants to see more opportunities for women in these spaces.

“I’d love to see more women in the esports industry not only as streamers but also casters” she said. “While I definitely seeing more and more women in the space everyday there still is the imbalance and is very much still a male dominated industry.”

Aamer also has advice for other female streamers and female content creators stepping into the male-dominated genres.

“I believe the first step is to just put yourself out there. I know that entering this industry as a woman can be intimidating but I have learned through my experience that putting a step forward and not hesitating to share your ideas or creating the content you want will help make it easier to move forward. The other thing I would also recommend is to network and make meaningful connections as you don’t know where a connection can lead you to.”


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