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YouTube Streamer Stole $500,000 From Fans In Crypto Scheme

Former Twitch streamer and current YouTube content creator Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino is at the center of controversy, as he has been reportedly exposed for operating a crypto scheme in which he allegedly scammed around $500,00 from his fans, and is keeping the majority of it, according to Kotaku’s Jeremy Winslow.

Coffeezilla, a YouTuber who investigates fraudsters and scams, posted a 23-minute video breaking down how the scam went down. Apparently,  Ice Poseidon tricked his followers into investing in CxCoin, which is a platform that he founded for content creators to get donations via cryptocurrency.

However, Ice Poseidon reportedly took the money, around $500,000 in total, and kept around $300,ooo. The YouTuber allegedly bought a Tesla thereafter.

At the time of this writing, Ice Poseidon has not made a public statement regarding the allegations and reports, and has not responded to Kotaku, despite their reaching out.

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