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Twitch Allowing Usernames That Reference Marijuana


Amazon streaming platform Twitch has updated it’s policy on usernames, which officially excludes marijuana themed usernames under the policy that was officially announced by the platform back on February 10th.

According to their statement: “In short, usernames really matter on Twitch. They’re your textual avatar in chat and a crucial piece of channel branding for Creators. Usernames are searchable and have site-wide visibility. Given their usage across Twitch channels, we believe they must be held to a universal and higher standard than other places people express themselves — like chat, for instance.

Although we’ve removed many reported, offensive usernames under our current policy, we believe establishing a stronger standard is needed to cultivate a diverse, inclusive global community on Twitch. ”

Here is the part that specifically addresses marijuana, alongside tobacco and alcohol.

Our updated policy details what egregious usernames violate our Community Guidelines — for example, hate speech, threats of violence, and personally identifiable information. We will also remove reported usernames that fall into the following categories:

  • References to sexual acts, arousal, fluids, or genitalia
  • References to hard drugs — excluding alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana”

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