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Gamactica Update – February 2022


Since 2022 kicked off we have been extremely busy at Gamactica, especially since the New Year kicked off, so I wanted to take some time to update everyone on what has been going on behind the scenes, and our approach moving forward.



Stream Directory (aka Content Creator Directory

As I mentioned, it has been extremely busy for us at Gamactica, so much so that I have fallen behind on applications for our Stream Directory (aka Content Creator Directory), which has left a number of applicants waiting .

We will be working on applications that have been sitting in “wait mode” very soon. Thank you for your patience with this. There is quite the process in regards to listing pages, and I personally structure each one. The implementation of Search Engine Optimization can be the most time consuming with each listing page, and we aim to do our best


New Requirements

Another update regarding our Stream Directory and the application process. Previously, our requirements specified that a member had to follow Gamactica on socials, including streaming platforms, and if you were listing your Twitch channel, you had to add Gamactica to your list of Suggested Channels. This not only was required to be listed initially, but keep your listing active.

We are doing away with those requirements.

Instead, you will simply need to:

  • Have an active account on Gamactica
  • Be active in the Gamactica platform

This will get you listed, and determine if your listing remains. Given the impact of our Marketing and SEO structure, activity and engagement help these efforts, and we want to ensure that those members who are active in our community, reap the most benefits of our algorithms.

Why Did We Make This Decision?

We strive to have an innovative platform for professional creators and brands, and we want to set the standard of organic following and interactions (more on that next) so that connections matter, viewers have value, and there is a valuable component to branding.

With an overwhelming presence of follow-for-follow, support-for-support, and false engagement cycles in many industry platforms, we feel we need to distance ourselves from any semblance of that, in order to truly provide a game-changing platform.



Space Station

That brings us to our next update – the removal of the Space Station in it’s current iteration.

The Space Station was where you could cash in GamactiPoints for things such as social media promos, for example. We felt that having this in place could potentially create a motivation for people to attempt to “game” the system via fake engagement, hollow social interactions and following, etc. So, the Space Station is gone, but will be coming back in the future with a new purpose.

GamactiPoints will continue to exist, and for now, they are just fun little scoring units. We will revisit how to best utilize them in the future, should anything need to change from here.



Gamactica 2022 & Beyond

2021 was perhaps the biggest year for Gamactica since our launch in 2018.

We launched a mobile app, re-developed our entire platform, and added a number of different sections to diversify the Gamactiverse. 2022 is shaping up to be even bigger, especially with the rolling out of our award-winning Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing services.

Our goal is to provide a diverse, inclusive, and valuable platform for professional creators, brands, businesses, and gamers from all the sectors in the industry. This includes Streamers, Gamers, Esports, Film, Fitness, Music, Content Creators, Businesses, Cosplayers, Charities, and more.

Toxicity, Harassment, Engaging in negative practices that game a system, will not be tolerated.

We are constantly working to add new features, develop new partnerships, add new sections, and build our community with the idea that content creation and gaming have endless potential, and there is phenomenal talent and incredible businesses who operate within it. We want to help position you for better networking, more fruitful relationships, and tools to increase your brand value and revenue potential as a result.

The brands and creators who share that vision will have our platform to use as a valuable resource, and those who consistently utilize it, and do their part with their branding on Gamactica, will get the most out of what our platform offers.



We have so much more in the works, including new features and additions, so please stay tuned for more!


Thank you for being along with us for this journey! We are only just beginning!


Anthony DiMoro
President & CEO





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