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TikTok Launches SoundOn Platform for Music Marketing and Distribution

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TikTok has officially launched a new platform that is specifically for music marketing and distribution and will allow TikTok content creators a way to build their careers and find new fans for their content through TikTok.

According to the official website of SoundOn, users can utilize the platform for the following:

  • Release your music and reach a global audience on TikTok and everywhere
  • Maintain 100% ownership and receive 100% royalties (website indicates there are further details to outline this)
  • Get paid monthly
  • Maintain 100% ownership of your music
  • No administration fees
  • Opportunities to work with TikTok creators to vivify your music
  • Opportunities to pitch to Resso’s editorial teams
  • Spend your budget wisely, and understand the results with analytics
  • We help you do the above, and also give you access and guidance to do those on your own
  • Gain insights about your audiences and fans with advanced dashboards
  • Ride the trends to build your TikTok and Resso profiles
  • Get the chance to be enrolled in SoundOn+, a programme for a selected group of artists who are really making waves on TikTok

Additionally, their FAQ page outlines the following about Tiktok marketing utilization via SoundOn.

  1. You would have the opportunity to open your music tab and show your music under your TikTok profile. TikTok users will be able to see your profile under the song page of your track. You may submit your request for this feature after distribution by contacting our support team.
  2. We are constantly looking for music to promote, our promotional specialists will check daily on new music distributed via SoundOn, and select tracks for promotion. If selected, we will work with influencers to promote your music for you, no marketing fee would be charged.
  3. Once your music is being submitted through SoundOn, you would be considered for editorial placement opportunities on TikTok and Resso. If selected, your music would be able to be heard by many more audiences across the globe.
  4. SoundOn also offers self-serve and in-site creator marketing tools. This function is currently in beta and will open soon to the public. If you wish to be notified when the feature is open, you may sign up here.

“TikTok creators are the lifeblood of our platform and the reason sounds become hits. When you release through our platform, our team will activate diverse creators to make videos with your track. This helps you broaden your fanbase and reach new communities that these creators are a part of.”

It’s a smart way of internal brand development and marketing pathways that not only keeps things in house at TikTok, but doesn’t over complicate the existing app, as SoundOn will exist on it’s own platform, but work fluidly with TikTok, which keeps music content creators in a targeted path, and others in areas that are of more interest.


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