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Gamactica Trend: Building An Intuitive Search Network for Influencers


As the Gamactica platform continues to evolve, it is important that we implement what we feel best fits the future of the platform, and what we think best fits into the core concepts of the Gamactica brand.

Today, I introduce you to Gamactica Trend, a brand new section that will be positioned as a Search & Discovery resource focused on Social Media Influencers across platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and more.

Our goal is to optimize better collaborations between brands and influencers, which we believe will fuel better ROI for businesses, more fluid opportunities for influencers, and a streamlined resource to improve business networking.

Naturally, we are powering Trend with our award-winning Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services, and each influencer that is listed on Trend will receive the benefits of our marketing efforts, trickled down from Trend.

To be listed in Gamactica Trend:

  • Must have a profile on Gamactica (no cost)
  • Must be a viable Influencer with solid engagement, following, and brand recognition
  • Must be 17+ years of age
  • Complete Application Form on Gamactica Trend


With the boom of Influencer Marketing it is only natural that we push this forward as a new section of Gamactica, and one we hope that, over time, will become a “go to” tool and resource for brands and influencers alike.

Anthony DiMoro
CEO Gamactica

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