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Trovo released April’s VibeTag Updates and More!

Trovo has recently announced their April VibeTag updates, including new updates to their treasure boxes. They as well released their Bi-Weekly Roundup and made some updated app features. You can check out their new Trovo events to find out more information about their content monitoring and much more.

App v1.31 Feature Updates: – Boost Rocket Small Streamer Special Offer: For streamers under Lv.2, a 50% target discount is offered. – Profile social link now supports Snapchat. – “Auto” resolution is in small scale testing on mobile. – Optimized several user experience issues.

Treasure Box Update Preview:

– On next Monday, we will be releasing the optimization suggested in the suggestions of forcing 3+ following days prerequisite for Community Box. This is to help prevent abusers from collecting the rewards. Kindly spread the news and help us get all streamers prepared for that.

“We will release the VibeTags monthly, which also means a more versatile usage for Trovers. The first VibeTag will start on April 1st at 12:00 Noon, 2022 (UTC+8) followed by additional VibeTags, and the last one will conclude on April 25th at 12:00 Noon, 2022 (UTC+8).

We welcome everyone to actively participate in the VibeTags and enjoy the wonderful time on Trovo!”


Discord 52.1K (+3.3% increase)

Twitter 23.6K (+1.2% increase)

Reddit 9.9K (+3.1% increase)

Instagram 36.1K (+1.6% increase)

Facebook 3.6K (+2.8% increase)

Product Feature Updates/Optimizations

Boost Rocket Optimization

– Small & New Streamer Special Offer: For streamers who haven’t yet reached Lv.2, a 50% target discount is offered for them to easier complete the targets and win Boost Rockets.

– The task will reset back to normal after the streamer advances to Lv.2. The status is reset at the start of each week.

Referral Optimization:

The referral code landing page already supports multiple languages.

Referral Program Update:

“We have further optimized the rules of the referral penalty to avoid being overly defensive. And if you are disqualified and canceled rewards from the referral program for violating the rules, you will be notified of the details by email and notification, including the reason, duration, specific referral relationship, etc.”


Trovo has scheduled the month of April’s VibeTag according to the most popular ongoing video games and your feedback. These VibeTags will rotate each month.

Each VibeTag only needs to be completed once only! Does not need to be done every day.



For those who have difficulty selecting VibeTags, Trovo has provided a diagram on how to select one.

How to select VibeTags

Firstly enter the Creator Studio, be sure you are on the Today’s Stream dashboard, click on the dropdown menu next to Trending VibeTags, scroll to the #XXXXX VibeTag, choose it and start your live stream.



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