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Gamactica Announces Partnership with ParaFlixx Paranormal+

paraflixx paranormal

Gamactica is officially announcing a partnership with paranormal streaming platform ParaFlixx and ParaFlixx paranormal+ that will see both brands collaborate on content marketing, internet marketing (SEO), and networking.

As part of the partnership, shows, movies and horror content creators on the ParaFlixx paranormal+ streaming platform will be featured on Gamactica Horror and Gamactica Eclipse, and will be a part of the Gamactica platform as well.

“PARAFlixx paranorml+ is a streaming service dedicated to the paranormal, supernatural, universe & beyond and then some” Natalie Jones, President and CEO of Paraflixx said in an exclusive interview with Gamactica .

“Most of our content is exclusive and only available on our website and app on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, RokuTV, Google Play Store, Apple Store and Chromecast. The streaming service is available worldwide and has been referred to as ‘The Netflix of the Paranormal’ by our fans. The journey has been incredible to bring together a united passion for the paranormal which did not previously exist on the market on this scale. The era of television has shifted, and we are a part of a vision to to bring content never seen before to the tv screen and any smart device on-the-go. At PARAFlixx, Inc., we stand for infinite possibilities as a universal platform. ”

ParaFlixx is aiming to be a true alternative to Netflix horror content offerings and Discovery+, and positioning itself as a leader in paranormal streaming content.

“Though the paranormal genre is our dedicated niche, as the home of paranormal, we matrix out to so many others encompassing, UFO, Crypted, Horror, Spiritual/Motivational, and we even have a collection for music videos– bringing back the good days of music on tv” Jones added. “Only launching March 21st, 2021, we already have an array of titles to choose from in our content library and new content is added weekly, including, series, documentary, movies, short film, and there are no limits so we expect there will be even more excitement for our collections soon.”

“The horror and paranormal go hand-in-hand for some, but it is easy to fear what we have been programmed to not understand. We are a streaming service, but overall, there is nothing on the market which exists like PARAFlixx paranormal+– because of this, and our exclusive content, we have no competitors. Some say competition is healthy, but we believe there is enough abundance for all of us. This is what makes PARAFlixx unique in our vision and foundation. The passion and buzz around the universal platform speaks for itself.”

“Follow us on all social media and try PARAFlixx with a free 3-day trial at Make sure to download the APP on your tv and smart devices to stream seamlessly no matter where you are. We are always acquiring new content and provide a submission form on our website as well. We are open to all submissions and review each title submission for equal consideration. This is your PARAFlixx.”

Gamactica is excited to work with ParaFlixx, and include their partners such as Fright Nerd in the collaboration.

“Horror has long been a major point of interest, from a content standpoint, for the Gamactica brand, and partnering with an up-and-coming horror streaming platform such as ParaFlixx allows us to be involved in helping this exciting platform grow” Anthony DiMoro, CEO of Gamactica. “Gamactica is looking forward to working with Natalie, the team at ParaFlixx, and all the shows and creators on the platform, and elevating their brand impact via our award-winning internet marketing and Film SEO.”


You can follow ParaFlixx on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. You can also leave a review on their official listing pages below, and connect with them directly on Gamactica here.

Gamactica Horror:

Gamactica Eclipse:




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