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Dead by Daylight Confirms First LGBTQIA2+ Character!


Dead by Daylight Is Thrilled To Confirm First LGBTQIA2S+ Character

When Dead by Daylight was first released in 2016, the playable characters – including both Killers and Survivors – totaled seven. Six years later, the Entity’s twisted realm has welcomed 57 faces, with 30 Survivors and 27 Killers.

Characters are the lifeblood of many lasting stories, and throughout the years, we’ve seen Dead by Daylight’s community embrace their own with an inspiring level of enthusiasm. Even before the arrival of The Archives – an addition that developed Dead by Daylight’s narrative with backstories and memories – players forged connections with their favorite characters.

For many, those connections led to an interest in learning more – more about the personal lives of The Entity’s chosen, their defining relationships, and romantic connections. As the world of DBD widened, it was integral to ensure that our growing cast of characters was representative of our vast and diverse community, all of whom have stories of their own.

One of the cornerstones of that community is the LGBTQIA2+ players, who continue to elevate Dead by Daylight with their tireless passion for horror, gaming, and of course – horror gaming. The fact that our character roster did not openly feature any confirmed LGBTQIA2+ representation was something we have been determined to change.

Upon consulting extensively with the GaymerX organization, which shared their expertise in integrating LGBTQIA2+ themes into established games, we felt confident in our chosen direction.

Today, we’re pleased to confirm that Dead by Daylight can officially celebrate the game’s first gay character: David King.

Dead By Daylight Survivor, David King

Many of you know him well. A hot-tempered ruffian with a penchant for a good scrap, whose time as a debt collector brought pain both internal and external. A man of many hats, each one roguishly dapper — lover, fighter, mechanic, bouncer, impromptu beachwear model.

Since his introduction in Dead by Daylight’s fifth Chapter A Lullaby for the Dark, which was released in July of 2017, David quickly became a fan favorite. Currently occupying a comfortable top ten position as one of the realm’s most-played Survivors, it’s not uncommon to feel David’s presence in any given trial. And while a fragment of his pre-Fog life was revealed in a previous Archive, there remains much to uncover.

So much so that he’s among the central characters of our brand-new Tome: DEVOTION.

With DEVOTION comes another memory from David King’s life before he was taken by The Entity. In The Importance of Being King, gain a deeper insight into a new side of David’s character, one that explores a deep personal connection and expands the scope of his backstory. We look forward to seeing an abundance of Kings roaming The Fog – and may their reckless heroism bring a smile to even the most ruthless Killer main.

Dead by Daylight’s Tome 11: DEVOTION — featuring new outfits and memories for David King, The Twins, and more — is releasing on April 28th. With it comes a Store Collection release that encompasses two Collections – the returning Spring Ensembles Collection and the brand-new Urban Art Collection. 

This latest batch of Spring Ensembles outfits includes new looks for Zarina Kassir, Mikaela Reid, Jonah Vasquez, The Blight, and The Artist. The Urban Art Collection captures a snapshot of Nea Karlsson’s pre-Fog life when she visited Stockholm to participate in a popular street art festival.

Dead By Daylight’s Spring Ensembles Collection is now available in the in-game store, with the Urban Art Collection set to follow on May 4th.

“To our community that identifies as LGBTQIA2+ and our entire community at large, a resounding thank you for everything. We have greatly appreciated hearing your own stories, discovering what resonates with you, and experiencing the harrowing, horrifying, and occasionally hilarious world of Dead by Daylight together.”


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