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Dead by Daylight: Roots of Dread Chapter 24, Gameplay and Perk Updates!

Dead by Daylight revealed during their 6th Anniversary stream that they are bringing a new Killer, Survivor, and Realm. In dead by Daylight’s new chapter Roots of Dread, the new Killer is The Dredge.

A formless mass of twisted limbs writhing in the shadows, The Dredge is a manifestation of darkness itself. A uniquely frightening figure, it was imperative that The Dredge captured the spirit of a monster lurking beneath your bed. And while Dead by Daylight is most certainly a horror game, conjuring such a unique flavor of fear presented an exciting challenge for the game design team.

For one, its Reign of Darkness Power shrouds the map in a pitch-black state, turning simple navigation into a matter of life and death. During this supernatural nightfall, visibility becomes severely limited, making it so that Survivors can only see what’s directly in front of them. While this certainly brings an exciting new horror element to Dead by Daylight, such a drastic visual change was not without a few behind-the-scenes hurdles.

  • TIMEFRAME: Chapter 24: Roots of Dread (June)

Dead by Daylight Gameplay update: Quality of life improvements.

“Another year of Dead by Daylight has come and gone, and we can’t wait to show you everything coming to the game in Year 7. As you might have seen during our Anniversary broadcast, we intend on bringing several new Quality of Life features into the game.

We know our player’s value Quality of Life changes, and we’d like to emphasize that it remains an important focal point for the team. “There is a strong internal drive to prioritize the quality of life changes,” says Aurélie Gérault, Dead by Daylight Producer. “Dead by Daylight has been out a long time. We’ve been listening to feedback and considering areas of frustration to build a smoother player experience. As they say, the devil is in the details. That holds true in DbD, and making these improvements remains an ongoing effort.”

Quality of Life updates is scheduled for release throughout Dead by Daylight’s Year 7.

They are pleased to confirm that preset load-outs are coming to Dead by Daylight. When the Roots of Dread Chapter releases on June 7th, players will have the option to save up to three preset load-outs, including perks, items, add-ons, and offerings. There will also be an additional three load-outs for saving Outfits and Charms.

“The desire to bring preset load-outs into the game is largely linked to our upcoming progression rework,” explains Justin Banks, Senior Product Manager on Dead by Daylight. “Players will have a lot more perks available on their characters, and it seemed like the ideal time to tackle this feature. We also know players have been asking for perk load-outs for quite some time.”


It won’t take players long to notice that the Dead by Daylight main menu has undergone a visual update. Moving forward, all icons will be positioned vertically alongside the leftmost side of the screen. This will allow space for highlighting events, sharing key information, a timer for the Rift, additional room for translations, and more – all without compromising the iconic campfire aesthetic.


They’ll be launching a matchmaking incentive to help during periods of long queues. Players will receive a Bloodpoint bonus for queuing up for whichever role needs it more at that time.

Say there’s a new Killer, and queues are taking a little longer as a result. By loading up for a Survivor game, you’ll receive a bonus to all Bloodpoints earned throughout that match – a well-deserved reward for helping our matchmaking system run smoothly. While we don’t have specific numbers to share at this time, note that the bonus value will be contingent on several factors and further detailed closer to release.



We’re coming up on the third anniversary of the Archives, and it’s safe to say that they have become an essential part of the Dead by Daylight experience. “This year, we’re doing a few things to make the Archives a bit more obvious and integrated for players,” says Justin. “We believe that playing with Archive challenges can really enhance your experience. We want to show players that it’s there for them to engage with, and really ease them into it.”

The Archives features a variety of challenges for both Killers and Survivors, and to complete them all one must spend time playing both roles. They soon are adding the ability to select one active Killer challenge and one active Survivor challenge, allowing you to easily switch roles without revisiting The Archive screen. Players will also be able to see an unlockable Rift outfit in its entirety, to get a better idea of what it will look like.

The UI system changes they’ve made behind the scenes will pave the road for many exciting design possibilities, and we look forward to making this the biggest year for The Archives yet.

While we don’t have a specific date to share for these changes, we’re aiming for a Fall release.



They are happy to confirm that a Streamer Mode will be added before the end of the year. When using Streamer Mode – and this goes for non-streamers as well – your name and that of your group will be obscured from the screen and any other player in your match.

“The entire goal of Streamer Mode is to protect the identity of our streamers,” says Justin. “Any game that becomes popular will have people finding player IDs, engaging in DDOS attacks, hacking accounts. They always actively working on preventing hacks from happening, but because streamers are putting themselves out there, that potentially opens them up to difficult situations. The ultimate goal for streamer mode is anonymity, and we’ve been working with our Fog Whisperers to ensure that we’re meeting their needs.”

This is the first step. Know that they are always looking to improve security, and will continue to work behind the scenes to ensure a safe experience for all our players.



“This will be a beneficial change to Dead by Daylight, as a content creator that has experienced being hacked in the middle of gameplay while streaming.”


Our players really enjoyed the new skill-check-based wiggle system, which moved away from the furious button mashing of the past. After considering the feedback we received during our Beta test, we feel comfortable making this change a permanent feature.



We’ve all been there. You’re waiting to find a game. You’ve cycled through your characters and brushed up on some forgotten perk descriptions. All you want to do is catch up on the latest lore from The Archives. Maybe even do a little window shopping in the store. Alas, those menus sit just out of reach…

At least, for now.

Before the end of the year, we’re aiming to give players the option to navigate through different menu screens while waiting for a game to start. “Our goal with this change is to free up the player,” says Justin. “Once you enter matchmaking, you can freely go to the store, the Archives, and shop while you’re waiting. When you find a match, you’d get a large warning counting you down, and then you’ll be brought into the lobby.”



Before the end of the year, Survivor Bots will be available to play with or against in custom matches. Familiarizing yourself with a new Killer or a new map can be intimidating and using bots will allow you to practice in a low-stakes environment.

“We know that learning a new Killer can take some practice,” says Justin. “If you’re a high-ranked or even moderately player ranked, you may be in for a tough time during those early games. This will provide a safe environment for our players to jump into and smack some bots around while trying a new Killer Power.”

“It’s also worth noting that every time we release a new map players like to explore every nook and cranny,” says Justin. “This a pretty safe place to do it.”

Not to mention that if a member of your friend group happens to be busy when that Customs craving calls, you’ll now have a substitute for any missing player. To be honest, this one may take a little bit longer, but we’re aiming to have this implemented by winter.

  • TIMEFRAME: LATE 2022​​​​​​


And that about does it. We hope you enjoyed catching up on some of the Quality of Life updates scheduled throughout Year 7. Thank you so much for your continued interest in our game. We truly appreciate the passion of our community, and we look forward to seeing these changes improve your gameplay experience.

In fact, you can check out the perk preset load-outs and the new main menu updates right now. Try the new Roots of Dread Chapter – featuring The Dredge (Killer), Haddie Kaur (Survivor), and the Garden of Joy (Map).

Dead by Daylight Gameplay Update: Prestige & Progression Rework

For six years, we’ve been in The Fog. It’s surreal to reflect on those early days, where the playable characters totaled four Survivors and three Killers. Considering the size of today’s roster – which has officially welcomed newcomers The Dredge and Haddie Kaur – it might be hard to imagine a time when the perk pool wasn’t quite so deep.

Following today’s Anniversary Broadcast, we’re now looking at over 200 perks for both Killer and Survivor. You don’t have to be a completionist to know that the scope of the grind can be daunting. As it happens, we’re thrilled to confirm that those days are ending.

A complete overhaul to the progression and prestige system is coming to Dead by Daylight, tentatively slated for release this summer.


This new system is tied to a character’s progression and will reduce the grind significantly. Moving forward, the first three prestige levels will earn the corresponding tier of that chosen character’s perks across every other Killer or Survivor. It’s also worth noting that you will no longer lose any perks, items, and add-ons when leveling up a character’s prestige level.

For Example: If you raise The Trapper to prestige Level 1, all your Killers will receive the first tier of Unnerving Presence, Agitation, and Brutal Strength – they will also gain the ability to find tier 2 of those perks. in the Bloodweb, and subsequently tier 3. That process continues until you reach prestige level 3 when all of The Trapper’s perk tiers will be maxed out for every Killer.

After that, Characters will be able to surpass beyond prestige level 3 – we’ll be sharing more details on that process closer to release. For now, note that each prestige level will modify your Character-specific Prestige Crest, which other players can see on the post-game tally screen. That way, you can proudly showcase your commitment to your favorite character. “This will effectively be your character level metric, as opposed to your Bloodweb level,” explains Matt S., Design Director. “The Bloodweb level will be the progression step toward the next prestige level.”


If you’ve already put in the time to reach prestige level 3, we’d like to ensure that accomplishment is celebrated. Each prestige level 3 character on your account at the time of the update will receive a distinct reward, with specifics to be unveiled a little further down the line.


It’s not entirely uncommon for a player to have withheld from engaging with the prestige system altogether. Some may have already collected every tier of every perk for every character without ever having leveled their prestige. Rest assured that this new progression system will ensure that these players are compensated for their time investments.

“When we roll this out, we’re planning on doing a prestige catch-up mechanic that will look at the perk tier you have on your characters,” explains Matt. “If you’ve been collecting perks on your character and leveling them up, you’ll gain a number of prestige levels based on how many perks and perk tiers you’ve acquired.”

As for the general perks that aren’t connected to a specific character – Unrelenting or Resilience for example – they will remain unlockable through Bloodweb progression.


The Shrine of Secrets will also benefit from this progression system rework. “There won’t be a teachable rarity associated with the Shrine anymore,” reveals Matt. “You’ll be able to buy your chosen perk tier directly from the Shrine, though the higher tiers will cost more.” Upon purchase, that perk will be immediately available on every applicable character.

If you’ve already unlocked tier 1 of a perk – let’s go back to The Trapper’s Agitation for a second – you’ll be able to buy tier 2 and tier 3 from the Shrine at a discounted price. We’ll be sure to provide further information on the Shrine closer to release, so stay tuned.

The progression and prestige systems have generated much discussion within the community, and we can’t wait to see these changes come to fruition. We’d like to thank our players for their patience, feedback, and support, and we hope that you enjoy experiencing the new system when it releases.

Dead by Daylight Gameplay Update: Mori Rework

Since they first announced a Memento Mori rework during last year’s Anniversary Broadcast, the Design Team has been prototyping and playtesting several different options.

Dead by Daylight’s Killers all have intricate backstories and unique approaches to doling out death. Mori animations play a crucial role in providing a macabre glimpse into the personalities of the characters you know and love. The Oni’s relentless brutality. The Deathslinger’s dark ingenuity. The Tricker’s sickening showmanship.

They wanted to highlight these character moments through a cinematic lens, while ensuring that player immersion remains intact. “A mori is how you’d expect The Killer to finish a well-played match, so it made sense to go in that direction,” explains Matt S., Design Director of Dead by Daylight. “We’re moving the mori system away from offerings and making it a natural part of the game.”


As soon as the final living Survivor standing is put into the dying state, the game ends. Following a visual transition, the Survivor and the Killer are brought to a special location in the environment and the Mori Finisher begins. No longer will your mori moment be “censored” by inconveniently placed objects or invasive bushes. All attention will be placed entirely on the action taking place.

As showcased in the 6th Anniversary Broadcast, a glimpse at the upcoming system can be seen below. Note that it is currently a work in progress, and nothing remains set in stone.

As this new system will normalize a mori as a standard part of the trial, we’ll be making changes to the current Memento Mori offerings – keep an eye out for further details closer to release. While the aim is to see this system implemented by Halloween 2022, please note that this date is tentative and subject to change.

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