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YouTube Working On Building Momentum for Shorts

YouTube is working on providing a popular short-form content element that would rival DanceByte’s popular TikTok platform, and has been working on continuing to build YouTube Shorts, which was launched last year.

YouTube entered the fray to combat the monumental popularity of TikTok and the mainstream impact that many TikTok content creators and TikTok influencers have proven to be capable of. YouTube isn’t alone, as Instagram’s Reels and SnapChat’s Sportlight are also make their own moves in the short-form medium.

YouTube recently announced that Shorts is now averaging more than 30 billion daily views, an impressive growth than last year.

“We have the opportunity, as we continue to build this product, to really be a leader in this space,” Kevin Ferguson, creator partnerships director for Shorts, according to Fast Company. “And the reason I believe that is because we are prioritizing creator needs and creator feedback.”

YouTube is also pushing its Remix feature, which allows creators to cut a clip of their YouTube videos, up to 5 seconds, into their Shorts, similar to TikTok’s Stitching feature.

“The amount of content that can be unlocked for that type of storytelling is really unparalleled,” Ferguson said. “We’re seeing creators get really excited taking that video that they loved five years ago and bringing it to life again in their short-form video.”

TikTok has show just how important content creation is in the current marketplace, as well as it’s global appeal, while also elevating the overall value of influencer marketing strategies, and adding a new tool for social media influencers to generate brand value and revenue.

“A robust ecosystem with multiple players in the short-form space is ultimately a good thing for creators, and it keeps us fresh,” Ferguson continued. “I think a lot of times people equate short-form-video content with TikTok content. We’re still at the beginning of this thing. There’s an opportunity for us to continue to evolve what this format looks like in partnership with our creators and our users.”

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