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Elle Darby Returns to YouTube Following Twitter Backlash

Following a five-month hiatus, One of the more popular YouTube influencers Elle Darby has announced her return to the platform following racist tweets that has resurfaced from her official Twitter profile, that she shared with her husband, and fellow influencer, Connor Swift.

Darby has built a brand and a following off of her vlogs centered on travel streams, her life as a mother, and more, and has amassed over 600k YouTube subscribers and over 757k followers to be among some of the more established Instagram social media influencers as well.

“It’s really wild to think that that’s the last time you saw me because, for me, that feels like a different life,” Darby said in the new video posted on YouTube. “It very much feels like, for me, a new chapter has started.

“YouTube is my passion as much as it’s something that I think I really did need a long break from, because I needed the last six months to myself to really focus and learn and grow.”

“I truly feel as though my reason of being here is to share my lessons of growth and my lessons in self-betterment and in my opinion that’s what life is about.”

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