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Google Core Updates: How They Can Impact Your Content and Brand


Algorithms are at the core of online discovery. From how you find the content you want to watch on YouTube, to the Twitch streams you’re looking to jump into, how you find TikTok content creators, or find the products and services you’re looking for.

Algorithms, for better or worse, drive it all.

And the functions behind these algorithms, particularly in search engines such as Google, have an immense impact on how they function and operate, which dictate the results you see. Google releases a number of updates throughout the year, and while many SEO analysts can often times gauge when something is rolling out, there is no set schedule for when and why Google updates roll out, and whom they will be directly impacting, negatively or positively.

One example of a Google Update is a Core Update, which are designed to make search results more relevant for users and, once launched, can take up to a few weeks for everything to roll out and settle in.

Google’s general advice regarding core updates has been fairly consistent, and they entail the following:

  • Users should expect noticeable spikes or drops in search rankings.
  • Core updates are “broad” and are designed to improve Google’s systems overall.
  • Pages that drop in rankings aren’t necessarily being penalized, in fact they’re being reassessed, factoring in other web content that has been published since the last update.
  • Focusing on providing the best content possible, of the highest quality, is the top recommendation in dealing with the impact of a core algorithm update.
  • Broad core updates happen every few months, and some websites may not recover from a prior core update in time for the next core update to roll out
  • Improvements do not guarantee recovery, but if no improvements are incorporated there is likely no potential for recovery.
  • Rankings will fluctuate more than normal, which can impact targeted traffic.

This core update can have a direct impact in branding and business, from stores to content creators, as targeted traffic (with likely higher potential conversion rates) could be diverted to a competitor.

Here is the latest core update, which was announced on May 25th.

Keeping your website and content channels up to snuff with on-site SEO and structure (tags, keywords, quality content, proper branding) will help in generating more targeted traffic and conversion opportunities (conversion = business leads, viewers, subscribers, advertising opportunities).


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