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Gamactica SEO Insight Report: Global Organic Impact


A few times a year we will show reports covering the various aspects of the impact of the Gamactica platform, using different metrics. In this particular article, we are exploring the impact we have on the global search market, relative to the niches and industries our platform focuses on, that drive targeted traffic to our website from around the world.

Specifically, we will be looking at data (collected by SpyFu) to show how many Organic Keywords Gamactica ranks for in Google for specific countries, along with our growth over the last year in these specific cases.

Organic KeywordsBreakdown of Organic Keywords by country. An organic keyword is a keyword that organically populates that generate “free” traffic, without the use of ads, and are generated organically.

According to SEMRush: “Organic keywords are keywords used in SEO to attract “free” traffic. The “free” label is important because it sets organic keywords apart from pay-per-click (PPC) keywords used for Google Ads and similar platforms. The fact that organic keywords are free also makes them a cost-effective online marketing tool worth learning.

Affordability aside, organic search is a very valuable marketing tool. Google now processes more than 3.5 billion searches per day (that’s an average of about 40,000 keyword search queries per second).

If you can capture some of that organic traffic, you can boost your site’s visibility in a big way. The implementation of well-researched and carefully selected organic keywords can help you achieve this goal.”

Check out how the Gamactica platform is globalizing it’s impact, which hits the platform and the relative sections and directories of Gamactica. Stay tuned for additional reports reflecting the Gamactica platform.

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