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Logan Paul Not Interested in WWE Fan Approval

logan paul

Logan Paul impressed again following his match at WrestleMania 38, during only his second match in WWE, as he took on The Miz at WWE’s SummerSlam event on Saturday night from Nashville, Tennessee.

Not only did Paul look like he belonged in the ring with his performance, but he also seemed comfortable in expressing charisma, much like he did during his match against Rey and Dominick Mysterio.

Paul punctuated his performance with a flog splash through the table.

However, despite the generally positive reactions to his performance, Paul isn’t interested in winning over WWE fans.

“I gotta do this sh*t, for real, for a very long time,” Paul said about winning over the audience, during an interview with DailyDDT. “I don’t think a win will change their mind on anything… The WWE fans are unpredictable. I get booed sometimes and I get cheered sometimes. I’ll be talking on the mic and I’ll hear someone hurl a derogatory insult at me. I make a joke and he laughs and says, ‘Ah, he is funny.’ So, I don’t know, but it’s like a tornado out there and I’m in the middle of it.

“I don’t care [about being booed or cheered.] I don’t care, man. I’ve been loved. I’ve been hated. I’m completely indifferent to both. As long as there is a reaction, and trust me, there will be a reaction, we’re good.”

“I’m unbothered,” he said about the reactions. “I don’t care. I’m here to prove myself right more than anyone telling me what I can and can’t do and I’ve done it time and time and time again. If you look at my track record, my whole life is a series of me doing stuff people telling me I can and can not do or will not do and this is just another one of those things. Like I said, just time in that ring.

“Months, years, decades. God willing, who knows what happens with this sport. That’s where the real respect is. There’s a reason why Roman Reigns, John Cena, Stone Cold and guys like that get the respect they get. It’s because they’ve dedicated their lives to a certain craft, and while I’m totally willing to do that, this is only match number two.

“I can’t focus on whether I’m loved or hated right now and focus on doing the best I absolutely can and putting on a killer performance.”

Paul inked a deal with WWE earlier in the year, and given his performance it is likely there is a lot more to come for Paul and WWE moving forward.

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