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Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson Praises Mizkif, Camp Knut


Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson is no stranger to fitness, and is also no stranger to fitness streams as he has made his own mark on the Twitch streaming platform, and continues to stay tapped in to the fitness world via the Amazon streaming platform.

Over the weekend, Bjornsson was watching Mizkif’s livestream where his crew was airing their latest of numerous workout streams showing off their intense workouts at Camp Knut, and the Game of Thrones star came away impressed.

Bjornsson commentated as Erobb was attempting to complete a challenge with a broken finger.

“I can’t believe this guy is doing this with a broken finger” Bjornsson said during a live stream. “What the hell?!? This guy is crazy.

Like, seriously, it’s pretty impressive actually” he continued. “I love the effort by this guy. This guy is my favorite I think. He’s trying his best with a broken finger, I love that. I love a warrior.”

Bjornsson criticized the crew for pausing to talk “throughout the whole f%$king session” while telling them to “get to f$%king work.”


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