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Twitch Allowing Partners Stream on Rival Platforms


Twitch announced they are allowing Partners to stream live content on other platforms. “Many of you engage with your communities in many different places,” said the email from Twitch, “so we are updating our policy”. Twitch will no longer be enforcing this portion of your agreement and will be updating terms early next year.

“Starting today, you are now allowed to create live content on other platforms,” Twitch sent in an email sent out to partnered streamers. “This means that you have more flexibility to explore how to use different, off-platform features to further build your community and interact with streamers off Twitch.”

Whenever Twitch first developed its Partner Program, it felt it was important for streamers to focus solely on their platform and build their communities. They still believe that Twitch is the best place for creators to build and engage with their community and recognize that the digital landscape has changed since they originally introduced the Partner program and that many content creators engage with their communities in different places.

Twitch went on to clarify that they will not allow simulcasting on web-based, Twitch-like services that support streaming for extended periods of time such as YouTube, Facebook, and Trovo due to this leading to a sub-optimal experience for your community. However, they will allow you to stream on TikTok and Instagram Live at the same time.



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