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Neekolul Discusses Success on Twitch, TikTok


100 Thieves star Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez has experienced a myriad of success on platforms such as TikTok and Twitch, especially within the Latin community, and sat down for an exclusive interview with Dexerto to discuss her career.

“When I was a child, around eight or nine, my mom bought a camcorder and I actually tried to upload on YouTube at around that age” she said, according to Dexerto. “It was really embarrassing, so I would upload videos and then take them down, but the evident moment where I thought I really want to give this a go… I was kind of at a crossroads.

“I had a job I was very miserable at and had this thing [streaming] that kept calling my name. Sure, I wasn’t making a full living off it, but I was comfortable pursuing this.

“Ever since then I felt wholeheartedly about it. Even after that decision, I didn’t make a single dime really, aside from my stream. It was not enough, but it was something that kept calling my name.”

She also spoke about her family’s response to her success.

“My parents, eh, I wanna say my Dad – sorry Dad – was very disappointed,” she said. “He wouldn’t tell me this but I could tell, yaknow? He was kind of like ‘I hope she gets her sh*t together’.”

“My Mom just wanted to see me happy. I think being the first child of two parents that came from Mexico and had nothing when they came here, I think I went through a lot of things in my life. Ultimately, my Mom did want to see me happy, and saw this made me happy.

“I would say my Dad was disappointed because he completely did not understand the space at all. My Mom didn’t understand it either, but was more empathetic and wanted to see me happy.”

Read the full interview over on Dexerto.

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