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TikTok Denies Security Breach After Data User Leak, Source Code

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TikTok has denied claims that it was the victim of a security breach where user data and source code were stolen, saying that the data posted to a hacking forum is “completely unrelated” to the company, according to BleepingComputer.

Late last week, a hacking outfit calling themselves ‘Against the West’ had created a topic on a hacking forum and claimed that they have successfully breached both TikTok and Wechat, and went as far as to share screenshots of the alleged database of the companies, which  they say was accessed on an Alibaba cloud instance containing data for both TikTok and WeChat users.

“This is an incorrect claim — our security team investigated this statement and determined that the code in question is completely unrelated to TikTok’s backend source code, which has never been merged with WeChat data.” – TikTok.

A few experts disputed this on Twitter, claiming that some of the data was valid, and validating the leaked user data was indeed real.

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