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Asmongold Calls Twitch ‘Disgrace’ for Not Banning Sliker


The Twitch gambling drama continues to unfold, and another high profile Twitch streamer is blasting the Amazon owned streaming platform for their handling of the ‘Sliker’ allegations and scams.

Asmongold, who runs one of the most popular Twitch streams on the platform, took the platform to task, labeling them a “disgrace” for not banning Sliker for taking advantage of a number of viewers and creators to fund his admitted gambling addiction.

“How in the f**k is Sliker not banned on Twitch? The guy literally uses the platform to defraud dozens of people, streamers, and viewers alike AND ADMITS IT” he wrote on his official Twitter page Monday.

“JiDion is still sitting a perma while Sliker gets to go live and laugh about actual crime. It’s an absolute disgrace Twitch.”

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