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Popular YouTuber ‘IShowSpeed’ Issues Apology Following Crypto Scam Allegations

Following the drama due to the collapse of FTX this month, the Web3 industry has been feeling the impact as elements such as cryptocurrency, such as gaming crypto, have lost a lot of trust and value.

One of YouTube’s most popular creators, IShowSpeed has issued an apology after many slammed the creator for promoting what they believe a crypto scam in the form of ‘Paradox Coin’, following a broadcast back on November 16 which garnered a lot of backlash.

At first, the criticism was met with some pushback as Speed directed his moderators to band those speaking out about the content creators crypto push, but has since issued an apology saying that he made a “mistake” and promising to use the situation to learn and grow from.

“Y’all don’t know what I do for y’all, bro,” Speed said (h/t Dexerto). “Let me give out a quick little quote. I do so much stuff for y’all, bro. I made a mistake. You know, I’m not that smart, I’m gonna be honest. But as I go, I get smarter and smarter, bro.

“I made a little mistake that I wish I never did, but I’m not a scammer, bro. [There’s not a] day in my life I would never scam you guys. Just remember that, bro… I care about you guys so freaking much. I love y’all so much, bro.”

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