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#RIPTwitter Trends As Many Reportedly Leave Platform


Twitter is in some dark days now, and rumors are swirling that it could be on the verge of shutting down following the epic bumbling of the Elon Musk takeover and his persistent pushing of his Twitch 2.o concepts.

Musk acquired the platform for $44 billion less than a month ago, and jumped into the fire by laying off a number of key staff and thousands of employees within his first few days at the helm of the social media giant. Musk is now locking them out from Twitter resources and blocking card access.

Musk issued a deadline of November 17th for employees to either commit to his new vision of Twitter or leave the company. The tactic backfired as around 75% of the remaining staff declined the offer, according to Fortune’s Kylie Robinson.

Now, an exodus of some of the biggest names on Twitter are leaving the platform, and advertisers are even pulling out, according to Gizmodo.

The future of Twitter seems uncertain, and with the trend #RIPTwitter popping off, the discussion is not going away anytime soon.

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