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Pink Sauce Review: Dave’s Gourmet Partners with Chef Pii and Pink Sauce has Been selling out fast!

Pink Sauce, is famously known on Tik Tok and made its way to Instagram and was created by Chef Pii.

The Pink Sauce, which had sold for $20, had a rough start due to her receiving backlash and getting complaints from customers complaining that they received Pink Sauce that had mislabeled ingredients at that time, the Pink Sauce was not approved by the FDA and individuals were claiming they received spoiled sauce and some individuals made false claims of it making them sick and one person even lying about the sauce killing them.

The original label stated there were 444 grams of sauce in each package, and unfortunately, the number got put in the wrong location on the label. Also, vinegar is one of the ingredients and it was misspelled as “vingar.” Whenever Chef Pii was notified of her mistakes she immediately stopped production of her product, she then contacted her customers to let them know of the errors made and offered a refund.

Dave’s Gourmet, which is famously known for creating a hot sauce for the last 30 years partnered with Chef Pii to release the Pink Sauce and changed some of the ingredients for the Pink Sauce to be shelf stable, and the Pink Sauce is now FDA-approved. They were even nice and helped Chef Pii issue refunds to all of the customers and as well sent 2 free bottles of the Pink Sauce to several individuals for free.

Whenever the Pink Sauce was originally released, I was wanting to purchase a bottle. I went to go and purchase one and that was when I found out that she stopped selling the Pink Sauce. I patiently waited for Dave’s Gourmets to release the Pink Sauce.

Once Pink Sauce announced it was for sale again for $9.99 a bottle, I hurried and ordered two bottles. I was excited to receive the Pink Sauce nicely packaged and a beautiful pink label, which included the ingredients on the back. I immediately went and got myself some rotisserie chicken to eat the Pink Sauce with. Dave’s Gourmet even sent a free bottle of Dave’s Gourmet Crazy Caribbean sauce. They sold out really fast, and have released it back out for sale.

My family is known to have purchased Dave’s Gourmet’s hot sauces in the past at the store. I have never met Chef Pii or the owner of Dave’s Gourmet. Personally, I was wondering how they were going to pull this partnership off knowing most of their sauces were made to taste that zest they are known for. I am excited to know that they stayed true to their brand, and included the zest that they are known for.

One bite of the Pink Sauce with the chicken is all it took for me to fall in love with the Pink Sauce. I could immediately taste the zest, sweet and tangy that made the Pink Sauce delicious.

I know not everyone will enjoy the pink sauce as much as I have, or may even go to the extreme to make false claims about the new and improved Pink Sauce such as Tik Tok creator Noah Carter did.

However, I enjoyed the Pink Sauce and highly recommend it. I have made it the only Sauce that I will eat with my food. The benefits of the Pink Sauce are that it is American-made, Gluten & Vegan free and most importantly only 100 calories, shelf-stable and FDA-approved. If you are interested in watching my review of the pink sauce, check it out here.


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