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Trialside Studios, The Collective: Movie Released!

Trialside Studios has worked immensely hard on every single one of its projects, even during the pandemic. You can check out Trialside, which is currently Partnered as well with Gamactica.

Trialside Studio’s newly released movie is available, and you can buy “The Collective: Movie” on Amazon Video as a download for $9.99 or rent for $2.99 on Amazon Video online, and soon prime members will be able to stream and will be available on other streaming platform services shortly as well such as Ubi, Apple TV, and Amazon Freevee, The Roku channel.

Trialside’s Studio’s, The Collective Movie, which includes Director Terry Spears and starring Simon KreisburgerFred Lowel, writers:


In this story, The Collective Movie, experience multiple cinematic stories and go on a journey to self-heal, emotions, music, and tone as they adventure through life to become who they truly are.

The Collective: Movie tackles real-life issues like racism, abuse, and other subjects. The cinematic film is unlike anything seen before, and is something new and refreshing and includes an ensemble cast of people. Overall what makes the title amazing is the atmosphere, theme, emotion, and tone of the film.

The Collective: Movie technical Specifications include Dolby, Dolby Digital, Stereo in Color, Red One Camera, and a Sony Camera were used and Runtime is 1 hour and 8 mins.

Make sure that you check out Trialside Studios newly released “The Collective: Movie” and follow them on Twitter!





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