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Gamactica SEO Insight Report: Targeted Niche Keywords: Q1 2023


Gamactica has put together their Organic Targeted Niche Keyword report for Q1 2023. This demonstrates the average ranking positions in Google, for search engines around the industry market within the United States.

Organic Keywords are typically generated from SEO implementation. This draws in targeted traffic, specifically with an interest in a specific term, to various sections of the Gamactica platform, mainly our Search Engine Directories (Stream Directory, Esports Directory, etc) and various sections of the Gamactica website/platform. This then can convert to the listings within our platform, and down to the content/creator/brand that the listing page is associated with.

We will be adding more data, from additional sections, in the future


Stream Search Engine (Stream Directory)

Section Keyword Position Volume
Stream Search Engine Streamer directory 1 14,400,000
  Twitch streamer directory 3 1,010,000
  Stream directory 3 494,000
  ASMR streams 5 5,430,000
  Trovo streamers Top 10 1,020,000
  Facebook gaming streamers Top 20 35,200,000
  IRL streams Top 25 7,020,000
  Fruitlab streamers Top 30 41,100
  Variety gaming streams Top 50 106,000,000
  Content creator directory Top 50 49,900,000
  Twitch streamers Top 50 95,600,000
  Trovo streams Top 50 2,150,000
  Twitch variety streams Top 50 14,100,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 69
Total Volume: 16k

Gamactica Esports

Section Keyword Position Volume
Esports Esports Team Directory 2 17,800,000
  Esports directory 3 14,200,000
  Esports player directory 5 7,840,000
  Esports casters Top 30 987,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 12
Total Volume: 577

Gamactica Women

Section Keyword Position Volume
Gamactica Women Trovo women streamers 5 1,050,000
  Women streamer Top 10 128,000,000
  Women streamers Top 10 51,600,000
  Facebook gaming female streamers Top 10 6,760,000
  trovo female streamers Top 15 257,000
  Female streamers Top 20 34,400,000
  Facebook gaming women streamers Top 20 11,600,000
  Women streamers twitch Top 20 12,400,000
  Twitch women streamers Top 25 9,060,000
  Women content creators Top 50 684,000,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 18
Total Volume: 2.32k

Gamactica Games

Section Keyword Position Volume
Games Game developers directory 1 36,900,000
  Game developer directory 2 36,600,000
  Game dev directory 3 189,000,000
  Game studios directory 3 47,300,000
  Indie game dev directory 3 20,900,000
  Indie game developers directory 3 5,440,000
  Indie game devs Top 40 3,720,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 29
Total Volume: 1.47k

Gamactica Eclipse

Section Keyword Position Volume
Films/TV Filmmaker content creators Top 25 29,000,000
  Movie content creators Top 25 1,090,000
  Film content creators Top 40 743,000,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 4
Total Volume: 40

Gamactica Fitness

Section Keyword Position Volume
Fitness Twitch fitness streamers Top 25 4,690,000
  Fitness streams Top 30 377,000,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 2
Total Volume: 44

Gamactica Cooking

Section Keyword Position Volume
Cooking Cooking content creators Top 25 87,300,000
  Youtube cooking content creators Top 40 33,900,000
  Youtube cooking streams Top 40 70,700,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 4
Total Volume: 135

Gamactica Cosplay

Section Keyword Position Volume
Cosplay Cosplay directory 1 45,900,000
  Cosplayer directory 1 2,430,000
  Cosplay artist directory 1 121,000,000
  Cosplayers directory 1 5,220,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 23
Total Volume: 3.97k

Gamactica Horror

Section Keyword Position Volume
Cosplay Horror content creator 2 74,000,000
  Horror content creators Top 10 84,500,000
  Horror creators Top 20 121,000,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 7
Total Volume: 204

Gamactica Military

Section Keyword Position Volume
Military Military content creators Top 10 118,000,000
  Military streamers Top 10 131,000,000
  Army content creators Top 30 68,200,000
  Air force streamers Top 75 15,400,000
  Marines content creators Top 75 153,000,000
  Army streamers Top 75 26,500,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 4
Total Volume: 88

Gamactica VTube

Section Keyword Position Volume
Vtube Vtube directory 1 1,920,000
  Vtube streamers 1 154,000
  Trovo vtubers 4 176,000
  Vtube streams Top 5 438,000
  Vtuber directory Top 10 477,000
  Vtube content creators Top 15 35,200,000
  Facebook gaming vtubers Top 20 7,020,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 18
Total Volume: 792

Gamactica Music

Section Keyword Position Volume
Music Musician streamers Top 15 18,800,000
  Youtube music streamers Top 15 50,600,000
  Twitch music streamers Top 15 16,600,000
  Twitch music content creator Top 20 28,600,000
  Twitch music streams Top 75 60,900,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 5
Total Volume: 55

Gamactica Gravity

Section Keyword Position Volume
Inclusivity LGBTQIA+ streamers Top 15 245,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 2
Total Volume: 28

Gamactica NFT

Section Keyword Position Volume
Web3 Streamers NFTs Top 50 11,600,000
  Streamer NFTs Top 75 10,600,000
Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 2
Total Volume: 0

Gamactica Sports

Section Keyword Position Volume
Sports Sports content creators Top 40 377,000,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 2
Total Volume: 90

Gamactica Marketing

Section Keyword Position Volume
Marketing Esports SEO Top 5 10,600,000
  Video Game SEO Top 5 1,010,000
  NFT SEO Top 10 494,000
  Content Creator SEO Top 20 5,430,000
  Twitch SEO Top 30 1,020,000

Organic Keyword Data

Total Keywords: 22
Total Volume: 338

Gamactica Portals

Organic Keyword Data
Total Keywords: 1,306
Total Volume: 236k

Gamactica Sports

Organic Keyword Data
Total Keywords: 2
Total Volume: 90

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