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Gamactica, Trialside Studios Announce New Documentary Project On Streaming, Content Creation, and Disko

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Gamactica is pleased to announce that they will be working with Trialside Studios on a new documentary (yet to be officially titled) that will discuss the challenges and issues in the live streaming, content creation, and influencer industries and follow the journey of the creation of Disko.

Disko is a live-streaming, content creation, and entertainment platform that is currently under development, and will be a part of, and fully integrated with the Gamactica platform.

The documentary will feature a number of content creators, streamers, and experts in the industries, and also provide an in-depth look at Disko, including interviews and segments with the creators of the new platform, as well as their journey to innovation.

“We have had a solid relationship with Trialside Studios for quite some time and now we get to take it a step further by working on this project” Anthony DiMoro, CEO of Gamactica and Disko said. “This new project will allow us to truly explore the issues and challenges that have anchored down the live-streaming and content creator industries, and have anchored the creator economy as a result.”

“Additionally, we will be providing an in-depth look at Disko – the ‘hows’, the ‘whys’, and the features – directly from the founding team. It’s really exciting to be able to tell the story of our journey to launch.”

DiMoro also said that as the project comes together they will be working with select content creators and streamers to feature.

“A big part of this documentary coming together, and happening, is that we will be looking to feature creators and streamers across a number of platforms. We’ll get to learn about their career, their platform experience, and the challenges they have faced.”

“Gamactica is a great company to be a partner of in so many ways” Trialside Studios said in a statement. “Partnering with them has allowed us to collaborate on projects, allowing them to give us feedback on our content and more. They are expanding their company and letting creators share their voice, their talent creativity in so many more ways. We are Trialside Studios and we are proud to be a partner of Gamactica.”

The documentary is currently in a planning phase and once released it will be available on Apple TV, Tubi TV, Prime Video, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

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