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Brendan Gahan Brendan Gahan


If you have been plugged into social media or binge watching some of your favorite shows, then there is a strong chance that you...

ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer


As 2022 continues to build steam in the first week of the New Year, many charities and brands will be working on implementing plans...

project hope project hope


One of the newest additions to the Gamactica Charity Directory is the Homeless Outreach Program Enhancement (H.O.P.E) and I had an opportunity to speak...

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A brand new trend on Amazon’s video game streaming platform Twitch is making headlines and many are critical of what is being categorized as...



Chris Pavlovski, the CEO of livestreaming platform Rumble called out controversial Kick streamer and internet personality Adin Ross during a post on the Twitter...