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gamactica news gamactica news

Content Creation

Gamactica is pleased to announce that they will be working with Trialside Studios on a new documentary (yet to be officially titled) that will...

youtube news youtube news

Content Creation

YouTube has announced that they will officially begin it’s ad-money sharing with YouTube Shorts creators on February 1st following up on their promise back...

tiktok news tiktok news

Content Creation

TikTok has implemented an ability for TikTok adult content creators to have more tools at the ready for limiting the kind of audience that...

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A brand new trend on Amazon’s video game streaming platform Twitch is making headlines and many are critical of what is being categorized as...



Chris Pavlovski, the CEO of livestreaming platform Rumble called out controversial Kick streamer and internet personality Adin Ross during a post on the Twitter...

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