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womp stomp films womp stomp films


Fans of Friday the 13th have gone through a lot over the past several years. From lawsuits essentially leaving future franchise films dead in...

Turbo Sliders Unlimited Turbo Sliders Unlimited


Gamactica formally announces our Partnership with Game Developer Turbo Sliders Unlimited. Turbo Sliders Unlimted, early access releases today April 27th for $14.99 available on...

Nightmistful Productions Nightmistful Productions


Gamactica has added a new addition to our Eclipse section, and we are proud to announce our partnership with Nightmistful Productions! Nightmistful Production was...

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Content Creation

Minecraft Content Creator Alexander, known as Technoblade, who uploaded Minecraft videos on YouTube passed away after suffering from a year-long stage 4 Cancer at...

Nier Automata


Square Enix has officially announced that Nier Automata is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch and The End of Yorha Edition will make...

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