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Prada Prada


Prada is joining other luxury brands such as Gucci, Balmain, and Balenciaga as the fashion industry continues to dive deeper into the waters of...

twitch twitch


Twitch co-founder Justin Kan believes that NFT gaming will be bigger than the Amazon streaming platform that he helped bring to mainstream popularity. Kan...

The Gimmicks The Gimmicks

Movies & TV

The non-fungible television space is a small, yet vibrant, sector of the NFT marketplace and that small sector just made some big noise to...

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Content Creation

Minecraft Content Creator Alexander, known as Technoblade, who uploaded Minecraft videos on YouTube passed away after suffering from a year-long stage 4 Cancer at...

Nier Automata


Square Enix has officially announced that Nier Automata is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch and The End of Yorha Edition will make...