Gamactica’s Stream Cypher feature is our feature that streams up to 100 live channels from Twitch on a single page of, and up to 50 live channels streaming on Mixer, live on a page of Gamactica,com.

This allows members and visitors of Gamactica to browse a number of live channels to watch, all in one place. If they are logged in to Twitch, they can hop in the chat room of a respective channel all from one screen.

This provides additional exposure for members of Gamactica, while building an easy hub of entertainment for users and visitors of Those who are included get the traffic and exposure that Gamactica, and the efforts of our marketing team, provides.

Most members of Gamactica’s Stream Directory gain the benefit of being in our Stream Cypher, which is broken down into a Featured Streamers and Streamers section. While both get solid benefits and exposure, our Featured Members section gets our premier marketing efforts, exposure, and visibility on, and is reserved for subscribers to our Twitch and/or Mixer channel(s).

Maintaining a spot in the Stream Cypher requires the following, if you are not a subscriver:

  • Must be active in the Gamactica community
  • Must show support by visiting and engaging in other member’s streams, including Gamactica
  • Must show solid audience engagement when broadcasting
  • Must not engage in toxicity either during a stream, or on

Gamactica does check in on your channel from time to time to show some support. Often times we drop a follow, cheer some bits, or do something else to show our support. Our expectation is that you will do the same with either ours, or another Gamactica members’ channel, showing a true dedication in being a member of a helpful and supportive community.

Our mission is to build a helpful community, one that is supportive of one another, and one that benefits from being a part of the website and from the features we employ. We would prefer to help those who are willing to help others grow, and engage with our community and it’s members.

For more information on Stream Cypher, to get your channel listed, to get your channel streaming on Gamactica, or if you’re a subscriber to either our Twitch or Mixer channel, contact us.



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