Stream Teams

Interested in bringing your Stream Team to the Gamactica community? We offer a lot of unique & powerful features that are exclusive to our platform. If you’re ready to bring your Stream Team to Gamactica, we have the application form available below. Before filling out the application, please note the following requirements:

  • Stream Team Admins are Active Members of Gamactica and have an account
  • Download Gamactica Mobile App
  • All Stream Team Members have OR will have Gamactica Profiles (recommended for maximum marketing impact)

Below is the application:

Stream Team Application

application for Stream Teams to Be Listed & for Group Creation
your name
your main email address
Admin Gamactica Usernames
Your Brand Is...(Required)
Where Your Team & Members Stream(Required)
Tell Us About Your Team - For your Listing Page
names of members on your team
Only provide links to to social media profiles for the Team
Confirm the Following(Required)
we want to ensure we create Groups and Listing Pages for the Stream Team and all their members, an that you fully maximize the benefits and features of the platform