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Gamactica makes it easy to not only find the best Twitch streams, YouTube streams, Facebook Gaming creators, Trovo Streams, TikTok creators, and/or Caffeine Streams but we also have a LIVE viewing section that allows you to locate and watch all the streams that are currently live, broadcasted by members of the Gamactica community. This allows you to watch up to 100 live Twitch channels at once, all on one page, and choose which one to interact with.

Finding the right stream has never been easier and our mission is to make sure that this directory provides a viable and useful resource for connecting streamers, showcasing channels, connecting streamers with brands and merchants, and becoming another valuable extension of our social networking community. From variety streams to category specific streams, such as ASMR Streams and IRL Streams, we help you find new channels to watch.

Search using a variety of criteria such as location, platform, game, stream type, and more!

Above you can find a directory of any Twitch Streams , YouTube Gaming, Trovo streams, and/or Facebook Gaming Streams that are listed on our website and will link to a full page player for that channel, including all relative info. We are developing a robust directory that not only lists the members of Gamactica that are dedicated Twitch streamers, Facebook streamers, and/or YouTube streamers, but making it easy for visitors of our website to find channels of interest to follow, based on criteria such as location, platform, game, content rating, and more.

Additionally, each directory listing allows you to watch a specific individual streamers stream right from Gamactica.com. If you’re also logged into Twitch (or the relative streaming platform you’re watching such as Facebook Gaming or YouTube), you can interact directly with the chat room without having to leave the website.

We also help you connect with stream teams across streaming platforms. Connect, join, and build with our featured Esports teams, Twitch stream teams and take your streaming experience to the next level.

For streamers, this provides organic Twitch marketing and benefits that are safe, effective, and beneficial.

Find channels from YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, DLive, Caffeine, Trovo, and more!

Featured Streamers

Check out the streamers below, who are all listed in our Stream Directory. Make sure you check out their channels, follow them, connect with them on Gamactica by sending a friend request, and leave them a review on their listing page.. To get your Listing Featured, Click Here.





Mr Throwback

Mr Throwback

Discover the Power of the Directory

Gamactica’s Stream Directory is a one-of-a-kind promotional and marketing outlet that not only serves as a directory of multiple streams from various platforms, but also provides an outlet to watch multiple LIVE streams, all in one place, easily. When you find a channel you want to watch, don’t forget to launch it in full screen and participate in the chat.

Here are just some of the benefits of being listed:

Increased Exposure

your channel is embedded on your own dedicated page, located in our directory. Whenever you go LIVE, your channel goes LIVE on Gamactica. Members (and visitors) can not only watch your channel, but also chat right from our website (if logged in) giving you direct exposure from our website, via our traffic.

Powerful SEO & Internet Marketing

Gamactica is powered by an award internet marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing company. Our structured marketing provides powerful, unique, and targeted marketing benefits, which trickle down to your channel

Featured Channels

Want additional exposure? Our Featured Channels section is reserved for our subscribers on Twitch. For more information on how you can get your channel the premium exposure we provide, Contact Us.


Our Stream Directory isn’t just a directory, it is woven into our social networking community which is exclusively for gamers and streamers. Not only do we provide an environment for you to network, socialize, and promote, but a place to empower your marketing efforts.

Gamactica has a global reach, and thanks to our Stream Directory and Gamactica Global, our community, streams, and directories, consist of members from over 30 countries outside of the United States, meaning streamers from other countries, and foreign languages, have direct access to your channel and/or brand.


Gamactica’s directory lists channels from Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, DLive, Caffeine, Trovo, etc., and provides unique cross-promotion from other channels, and other platforms. Viewers can find a number of channels, across each platform, all in one place, easily, providing you the opportunity to attract viewers from other channels, and other streaming platforms.

Additionally, gain visibility from our other sections such as our Esports Directory, Cosplay Directory, and Game Developer Directory, giving you unique exposure from around the industry.

More than Streamers!

Our Directory has a section for Artists, ASMR, IRL, Podcasts, Content Creators, and Musicians as well. If you are a gaming team/streaming teamgaming club, or group, read our section about Groups and contact us!

Gamactica’s Stream Directory is a one-of-a-kind promotional and marketing outlet that not only serves as a directory of multiple streams from various platforms, but also provides an outlet to watch multiple LIVE streams, all in one place, easily.


How You Can Get Listed

If we haven’t directly contacted you to be listed, there are certain steps to take to be listed, but first here are our requirements:

  • Must be 17 or older
  • Must have an established channel (at least 10 streams under your belt)
  • Must have a presence on social media
  • Must be an active member of our community (create a profile)
  • Be willing to support other streamers and bring positivity to our community.
  • Download the Gamactica Mobile App

We are working to build a place without toxicity, and a community of supportive streamers, and gamers, that are willing to help one another grow, improve, and have fun.

If you are a podcast show, gaming team, stream team, or merchant, please Contact Us about being setup.

COSPLAYERS: Please fill out this form to be listed in our Cosplay section

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STUDIOS & DEVELOPERS: Please fill out this form to be listed in our Game Developer Directory


Disclaimer: channels that violate our terms or engage in toxic behavior will be removed from our directory and potentially banned from Gamactica.