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Author: DrGunzzz


Joined In Aug 2019

About Me

Ladies and Gentlemen, WHATS GOIN ON!? It's Ya BOY! Doc-Gunzzz!!! About me??? Welp, I'm a variety streamer who normally leans towards Shooters. Although... Lately, I've really been branching out of my norms to break the monotony of 12+ hour Apex sessions! Marine Corps Veteran. (Armorer->'fixed the guns') <<--- Hence the name, DrGunzzz! Full-Time Art Student (Visual Fine Arts Major) As a channel? I started over on my Instagram Page to build my audience. It's there that I founded this channel/content creation journey with a few specific goals in mind: )      I decided to put all fear and worry aside, and fully commit to a HEADFIRST dive into streaming as a legitimate career path! All done in hopes of eventually putting an end to the endless gauntlet of dead end jobs I couldn't see myself happy being in for any extended period of time. )     To encourage all those who may be too afraid to act on their own desire to become a content creator/streamer/YouTuber. Starting from LITERALLY ZERO I.G./Mixer/YouTube  followers I want to show the REAL LIFE struggles, ups, downs, ins, outs, pluses and minuses of that are very much a part of the journey to achieve that dream. You find tons of videos made from creators who've already "made it" (100k+ subs, millions of followers, Partnerships, etc.) You hear all about how it's a STRUGGLE to get there but never hear exactly HOW struggles come, and exactly how much sacrifice and hustle is required at times along the road. This leads to tons of startups fizzling out before they've even really stepped up to bat. There are tons of issues that you only notice in the moment as a streamer, things forgotten by the time a video is produced on the topic. These things are HUGE in influencing your mental health/fatigue. This is the mission of my channel! To show the world a "Zero" on the quest to achieving that elusive "Full Time Streamer" Status! FOLLOW/SUB and join ya boy through the mud! -DrGunzzz



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Textbook example of, good, QUALITY, entertaining/engaging Streaming!

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