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Author: Rune_Lunaris

Roes Vampire

Joined In Aug 2020

About Me

hey guys. I am Roes Vampire queen of the vampire army. I am a viarity streamer and my go to streaming days are:monday,wednesday,thursday,friday and sunday. on my day's off I like to read a book, bake or be active with my community. I have autism,adhd,anxiety,dyslexia, bonding problems, depression and a lot more mentall illnesses. streaming is a way for me to let go of stress and sadness. once I am live I am having the time of my live with my community. wanna see? good than I hope to see you soon in one of my streams.


Rune_Lunaris 2 Reviews
friendly and wholesome
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she is a verry friendly streamer who makes it her mission to make everyone feel included and lifts people up where she can I am verry gratefull to have met her and her streams wonderfull streamer 10/10 would recoment

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Rune_Lunaris 2 Reviews
wholesome and caring

she is an amazing streamer who makes you feel welcome right of the bat but does not deal with haters or bullshit. her mods are always ready with the ban hammer for that. her community is so friendly loving and just allover wholesome that you are immediately greeted as a friend 10\10 would recommend

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