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enjoyed the stream very much, had it hit that follow button!...


  • 4.5/ 5 6 Ratings
  • cat-icon PC

I absolute love the way she interacts with her viewers and keeps them involved!...

Jetway Jesus

Textbook example of, good, QUALITY, entertaining/engaging Streaming!...

Total Badassery

  • 3.7/ 5 5 Ratings
  • cat-icon PC

The interaction and positive attitude made this stream so enjoyable to watch! I feel like she i...

Milly Erso

  • 4.9/ 5 2 Ratings
  • cat-icon PC

Great streamer, love the enthusiasm....


  • 4.4/ 5 2 Ratings
  • cat-icon PC

I know OWlesa from Instagram/social media, and it's been a really postive environment :)...


  • 5.0/ 5 3 Ratings
  • cat-icon PC

In the one stream I watched she was on top of the chat, responding to pretty much everyone!!! D...


The chat is very real on this channel, and the honesty is refreshing, Personality doesn't feel ...

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