BeardedGamer: “I am originally from Santurce, Puerto Rico and currently reside in Miami, Florida. I have been a gamer all my life, but only recently decided to grow a social media platform around this hobby of mine. Gaming is a way for me to decompress after busy workdays, or any stresses I may have going on. Also, I view games as stories with theatrical components and
twist that make them almost better than movies.

They are stories that the game has to walkthrough and can be really exciting to unravel. I specially enjoy horror games because they give me an adrenaline rush that other types of games don’t. My favourite game is Alien: Isolation. Anyone that has ever played this game will know the horror and the frustration that the Alien AI can produce to the gamer.

I mostly focus on horror games walktroughs and among other gameplays. Really love video editing!

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