Chantor: “My channel is gaming related but I’m incorporating real life shit because some stuff needs to be talked about. I am epileptic, suffer severe anxiety and complex ptsd. The one thing I ask anyone wanting to join me on this journey is keep criticism constructive but polite. I am me something’s I won’t change, like I swear so much it’s ridiculous. My realistic goals is to put out content I’m happy with I don’t have any schedules I just create when I can, my dreams would be to have a platform where I can use it to help others but also so I can do what I’ve always wanted to which is be able to experience more and more stories via games, bond with those close to me and give myself a challenge.

Viewers have to expect swearing from me, do not watch me with kids around unless you’ve seen that video first and know what I’ve said isn’t so bad. In saying all that I genuinely care about people and probably too much which is why I ask criticism to be constructive. Don’t expect professional game play I probably should be in a bin”

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