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LunarDreamWalker: “I am a Gaming Channel, I have always love to explore gaming, its been a fun thing I have done since I was a wee tot, & would love to be full time for this sort of dream experience, make it my lifes passion. As for myself I am 25 years old, I am a Transgender Female, or will be soon, I identify Lesbian, & my beliefs are always that community is always best when you share yourself, & talents & lessons to a lot people who really enjoy what the community revolves around, gaming. I play a variety of games, FPS, Platformers, Puzzles, Racing Sims, Single Story Narratives, etc. Currently I have been on a 2 year hiatus because of my current situation trying to find my way back into streaming & figuring out, with of course great friends & community on how to be a far better Streamer.”

Playstation 4:LunarDreamWalker
Nintendo Switch:SW-6964-6213-0318

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