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MCBtv: “I enjoy playing shooters and RPGs. My friends call me Burgers because one time I used McBurger as my Epic name as a joke acronym for MCB. It stuck, I like it and so do my friends.

I’ve only been a part of a few streaming communities but none of them have actually been supportive. I go into discords and try to engage but it’s like I’m talking to myself most of the time. I am part of a large community called The ZB Loyal Army and I am a mod for Zombie_Barricades, a long time premium Twitch partner.

I’ve been streaming going on 3 years and all the viewers that used to be regulars have come and gone. I would be between 10 – 20 ccv if they stuck around so I feel like the stream is running in place instead of going anywhere.

It’s frustrating because I want to build a community and following on Twitch so I can become sponsored and be able give more than just LOLs to my viewers. I want people to be excited to be come to my stream and I have been working really hard on content, branding, and social media presence (this one more so than the rest tbh) so that I can draw in more people but it’s been a struggle.

I’m not giving up so here I am.”

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