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NightOwl35: “Ohai, my name is NightOwl though most people will refer to me as Nighty. I stream a variety of things from game to art and game design. With games I like to focus on a variety of different games but also hold a special place to showcase new or unknown indie games so people will be excited and check them out. For art my main focus is on pixel art. My streams tend to be more on the chill and relaxed side where you can just come hang out and know you’ll be able to just not worry about things though there are the occasional moments of chaos and loud nonsense.”

Steam: NightOwl { https://steamcommunity.com/id/nightowl35 } {57386709}
BNet: NightOwl35 #1358
Uplay: MidnightOwlXIV
Epic: MidnightOwl35
Riot: NightOwl35 #NA1
FFXIV: Midnight Owl {Crystal/Malboro}
Minecraft: NightOwl35
Rockstar: NightOwl35
MTGArena: NiteOwl35 #32937
New World: NightOwl35 {NA East/Moriai/Arkadia Chi; Syndicate}

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