Ragekween Tay: “My name is Tay and I am fairly new to this wonderfully strange thing called streaming.

My channel is all about getting into shenanigans, connecting with others over our love for swear words, innuendos, and potatoes, and laughing as much as possible at my expense.

I get into some pretty ridiculous situations and it’s always a good time making fund of yourself with friends. On the flip side, I also sometimes scream my face off at my TV, hence the name rage.

I have one main goal currently for my streams: laugh and connect with others. Life is too damn short to take yourself so seriously, so I I can laugh with everyone at my rage-fueled outbursts or cringeworthy dad jokes, then that’s good enough for me!

Follow, add, slide into those barren DMs, and let’s nerd out!”

Xbox – ragekween

Playstation – EndlessSausage

Steam – ragekween

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