Shinn Raize: “My name is Justin, but online I go by Shinn Raize. I’m a variety streamer on Twitch streaming mostly RPGs, MMOs, and Tell Tale games. Getting engrossed in a story and roleplaying and voice acting along with playing with my  viewers are among some of my favorite things that I get to share while streaming.

For my channel it first started with the vision of a small house party centered around gaming and hanging out on the couch with friends. Now I envision a guild. The likes of which I couldn’t find in the MMOs I played. A group of people who help and support each other while respecting and accepting each other’s differences. A group of people giving as much as they receive and having that family like bond.”
Psn – Stormrider121110
Steam – ShinnRaize
Battlenet – ShinnRaize#1892

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