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SnakeSiren: “I have a huge passion for gaming and music so you will always here different types of music playing in the background. I now play on the PC mostly but I do play on PS4 when exclusives drop! I honestly have yet to find a game that I am totally committed to haha. My current games include Monster Hunter World, DBD, and Siege. I’m always up for trying out new games!
I have been streaming for over a year now and May 15th will be a year as an affiliate! I am very chilled streamer for the most part and I love meeting new people.
I welcome everyone who joins the channel and I always try to keep the conversation going. In my streams I also love to teach other players how to achieve the same goals. I have taught many of my viewers how to defeat bosses and create items.
Viewers can expect a very chilled experience with good game play, I tend to stay very focused but always interact with my audience. FPS are my specialty but I don’t always play those types of games.
Short term goals are to become partner and get more involved with Gamactica. Long term goals are to make streaming my full time job and to also become a crucial component to Gamactica.”

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