ThemSweetDs: “I’ve been a gamer since I was a little girl (thanks to my older brother), and was never really into girly things. My channel oddly enough started after I had been through a very traumatic experience in my life and was trying to find my way back to recovery. (I had been in 4-year-long-abusive relationship) My Therapist had advised me to get back into my hobbies of what makes me happy and what I’ve always wanted to try/had an interest in. For me that was cosplay and video games. I was apprehensive to start streaming, let alone tell anyone thats what I liked to do, but thanks to a very supportive community I found on twitch and the squads I’ve played with they have really helped me blossom.

This whole journey has gone from self care and finding joy in what I like to do to realizing theres a whole community out there of women of color who love to game! At first I thought there weren’t that many of us to start, but as I’ve started to grow on Instagram and Twitch I’ve learned that we’re out there, we just need to find each other and connect so we can all be supportive. Girls in the gaming community are a commodity, and being a woman of color in the gaming and cosplay community is an even more rare find. I want to be a representative for them.

My Channel is all about authenticity, fun and just being my nerdy self and allowing others to join in and do the same. I’m an empath and love chatting with viewers, whether its about cosplays I’m working on, new personal records at the gym, anime or games they’re excited about, as well as gaming with new people. What I’m striving for in this industry is a healthy environment where we can all do what we love- be creative, and enjoy the art form of gaming and cosplay.”

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Great Story and Stream

1.25/ 5

Great story behind why she started streaming and hilarious clips on her Twitch.

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